Expert Care

Water Management

Since water is one of the most important resources available to us, it’s vital that it be used appropriately. Prestige Lawn Solutions offers a range of water management services that will help you keep better control of water usage for your lawn or landscape. We make sure that your water is of a high quality and that just the right amount is being used. These services will ensure your lawn or landscape continue to look healthy for a long time.
Automatic Garden Lawn sprinkler in action watering grass.
Automatic sprinklers watering lawn

Streamlining Lawn Work

Irrigation Services

Prestige Lawn Solutions irrigation division employs the latest in technology and we provide industry-leading troubleshooting, backflow testing, installation, repair, and system maintenance.

Water conservation is critical. Our irrigation program is focused on protecting one of the most precious resources. If your irrigation system is not working properly or you’re watering more on the street than the plants/lawn, you could be wasting water and driving up your utility bills. 

We will make the necessary adjustments to ensure your landscape received the right amount of water at the right time. We will adjust to the growing season for the plants and lawn. We offer several different packages.